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Beginners make up how to draw the eye shadow - Wholesale mac makeup china Eye makeup first try, gorgeous color is always difficult to new skills without hand play magic. With technique and color not deductive is lifelong "eye shadow phobia". Why vivid color to move into his face became funny "facebook sister".
Aimed at the following two key words, the beginner who make up can have a rich water eyes.wholesale mac makeup.
One common painted
With the eye shadow near eyelash root place, avoid by all means is more than double eye width. With a light golden or bronze eye shadow in the position of the line draw a thin wholesale mac makeup eye shadow, make it more natural softer, compared with black eyeliner to not so hard, to make the eyes look very solid.
2 the deep feeling of transactions
Want to make orbital deep feeling, in besmear coffee or the earth color eye shadow in the eye socket before greased with claybank refractive eye shadow base. Apart from the eyelash root up dizzy catch, slightly extended to the inner eye, again a little brown eye shadow on the basis of the shading. wholesale mac makeup.The stomach dip take a few deep brown eye shadow, gently pat the orbital place, and further build the deep feeling.
1 tone
Everyone's yes are of different shapes, choose eye makeup occasions is not the same, the most insurance tonal choose to brown, the earth color, coffee and tonal give priority to.wholesale mac makeup. Neutral, joker, dream, mysterious and is not easy to make mistakes. If feel whole is tonal not bright and beautiful, the best way is finishing eyebrow color and block defect tonal fit.
2 quality
Minerals rookies choose eye makeup eye shadow often worry about cosmetic ingredients is too chemical. Mineral makeup, component from natural minerals, compared to traditional cosmetics, natural, and does not contain spices, alcohol, chemical composition. wholesale mac makeup.It's flat particles will only attached to the skin surface, less absorbed by skin or infiltration, let skin sensitive greatly reduce the chance.
Quality stand or fall to get a piece of eye shadow, judge quality first to see it isn't easy to open, and bad eye shadow out to effect is a piece of a piece of asymmetrical. The second is distinguish its coloring degree.wholesale mac makeup Eye shadow in the color pan to see, the color is very bright, but in the eye is not obvious or color shallow that the eye shadow of low quality. Good eye shadow looks and painted on colour and lustre is consistent, used in eye on apply during make-up and color.

Novice necessary cosmetic little knowledge

Beginners make up MM in cosmetic process often are often faced with such problems, leading to makeup look unsatisfactory. In this paper, "beauty &skin care daily recommended" to novice necessary cosmetic small knowledge, let beginners make up MM can easily to fit! online wholesale mac makeup cheap.
Question 1: choose a suitable for their skin color of the foundation
Then choose one with block defect function of the modified milk or popular BB cream right, this kind of cosmetics have certain adjust color of skin function, its are tonal also have a whole harmony,wholesale mac makeup. not too shallow, nor too deep. Note that, Japan and South Korea system makeup because can conform to the Asian woman love the whitening demand, therefore the product color will be corresponding shallow some. > > recommend 5's most popular BB cream
Question 2: brush cheek is red looks too conspicuous
Cheek is red don't look natural, not because we blot out area is not correct, but because does not have the right cheek is red dosage. We are solution is to brush cheek is red before will dip take good painting the cheek is red light bomb, bomb to redundant powder, in addition, the beginner who make up in choosing cheek is red, is the best choose color, this kind of product of powder mass general pressure is very tight, brush up naturally also not easy makeup.wholesale mac makeup.
Question 3: in the face of a wide variety of eyelash to cream how to choose
Remember a cosmetics master said, if can take a cosmetics, that I'll choose eyelash to cream.wholesale mac makeup online. Shock eyelash can let your eyes look more enchanting, but for beginners make up for the MM with selected eyelash to cream focus should be put in the following three aspects: easy to brush, small brush head design, warm water that can easily unloading.
Question 4: it is difficult to grasp the eye shadow out area
Many beginners make up person all say not too will use eye shadow brush, and hand daub eye shadow, some "little corner" and can't take care of to. Then use eye shadow pen, it than traditional eye shadow more easy.wholesale mac makeup.
Question 5: look line drawing uneven thickness
Encounter this kind of situation is the most important thing is to choose to grasp of the products, they can better control the shape and thickness of the line. Overall eyeliner is better operation, but easy to shading, liquid eyeliner as long as mastering the amount used, are easy to operate, and is not easy to shading.wholesale mac makeup.
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